All About Designing Kitchen Islands

All About Designing Kitchen Islands

If you were someone who thought that all kitchen islands are the same, you would be mistaken. They come in a multitude of uses far beyond just having a center island used for additional counter space. Although that additional counter space is valuable for food preparation and serves as an eating surface, there is so much more to what was once a typical kitchen island.

The Initial Purpose

Islands in the kitchen were first created as a means to add additional counter space, as well as storage space to a kitchen without requiring a complete remodel. Islands created from a wide variety of materials were then put in the center of the kitchen. The desired space, for both storage and surface area was provided, while still allowing the flow of traffic to freely move about the kitchen. Over the course of time this most basic of purposes had changed in many different directions allowing homeowners to add a unique touch to one of the most used rooms in the home.


They have come a long way in recent years with respect to design and functionality. The kitchen islands of today all serve once basic purpose, to add additional counter space. The second purpose that most kitchen islands serve is to add extra storage space into the kitchen. Islands have gone far beyond those two simple practices.

Today it is possible to get a broad range of options to your islands. Therry are moveable, allowing you to get the additional surface space exactly where you need it. There are islands that come in a host of shapes from circular, to rectangular to square, almost any shape that you need for your kitchen is now possible. There are styles that come with an open feel to them where baskets or other items can be stored below all while keeping the room feeling open and airy, unlike traditional islands with cabinets on them. Another new trend in kitchen islands is the inclusion of wine refrigerators to keep all of your favorite wines and other beverages chilled in a convenient location.

Installing an island offers a broad range of options for every homeowner. Whether you want a simple island that will serve as a breakfast nook, a convenient location for a wine refrigerator or additional storage space. If you want an inexpensive and highly functional upgrade in your kitchen look into all the options in kitchen islands.

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