Hot Trends for Cool Kitchen Cabinets

Hot Trends for Cool Kitchen Cabinets

Like your tolerance for a two year old, trends come and go. One minute they're a going concern, and the next they're going away. So when you're looking to live on the cutting edge with your kitchen cabinets, how do you determine the styles that are in it for the long haul?

It's not an exact science, and it's complicated by the fact that you need to match them with your overall décor and your personal tastes. Fortunately, there are enough hot trends in kitchen cabinets these days that you're bound to find at least one that lights your fire.

Light Makes Right

Nowadays they call it everything from ivory to eggshell, but you may know it by its more common name: White. Using white or off-white for your kitchen cabinets produces a light, clean look, and whether you opt for corn silk or old lace, white shades are versatile and have lasting appeal. If your kitchen is modern, traditional or country style, white kitchen cabinets have the right stuff to make it stand up and stand out.

Getting Accustomed

They have custom floors and custom doors, so why not custom drawers? Many people are finding that they can actually open up a space not by knocking down a wall or erecting floor to ceiling windows, but simply by reducing the clutter with customized kitchen cabinets and drawers. It could have a pullout door affixed to a shelf for pots and pans or a rack for cans and dry goods. Customized inserts for your kitchen cabinets can hold plates, spoons and silverware with equal finesse. And with all that clutter out of sight and out of mind, your guests will marvel at your suddenly enlarged kitchen. So let them.

The Ceiling's the Limit

Just as floor to ceiling windows combine form and function in dramatic fashion, so too can floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets. Paired with other modern kitchen concepts like open cabinetry and large windows, a wall of cabinets can compensate for a room with limited storage and capture visitors at the same time. With all of that going for it, this is one trend in kitchen cabinets that's here to stay.

Appliance Defiance

Have you ever thought that your kitchen could have been a stunning space that grabs the eye and ignites the senses, if you could only get rid of those darned appliances? Then again, they could come in handy when you tire of take-out. That's why a current trend in kitchen cabinets is to hide that overbearing dishwasher or interfering fridge behind a matching cabinet door. It's the perfect way to give your kitchen a streamlined, harmonious look and still keep your appliances close at hand, just in case.

Mix & Mix

Ask an expert in custom kitchens if you should opt for kitchen cabinets, drawers or open shelving for your new look, and the answer might be … yes. Before you smack them for being a smart aleck, dig a bit deeper. Sometimes consistency is a good thing, but one person's “blending” is another one's “bland”. If you're looking for a break from the standard, shake things up in your kitchen by combining all three. In avoiding a room full of heavy kitchen cabinets, you'll find a nice balance and give the space a fresh, open feel.

These are just a few of the many trends in kitchen cabinets that are capturing the imagination of designers, builders and renovators. To give yourself an even wider range of options, you should browse magazines, visit kitchen showrooms and talk to friends and neighbors until you find the style that really speaks to you; figuratively, that is.

If it's speaking to you literally, kitchen design may not be your greatest concern.

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