Kitchen Cabinet Design That’s Fit for a Kid

Kitchen Cabinet Design That’s Fit for a Kid

At first glance, a kitchen cabinet in a kids' room is like Santa in a tutu: Awkward, ill advised and never to be repeated. But one school of thought that's growing in popularity is to take a cabinet design originally intended for the kitchen and incorporate it in your child's bedroom. Given the right cabinet design for the right purpose, it can be unique, creative and surprising functional.

No matter what you're trying to achieve or where your tastes run, there's a clever way of adapting your favorite kitchen cabinet design to your child's room and giving your little one a look that's really fit for a kid.

Loading the Bases

A base cabinet design can be used to store any number of kitchen items in a manner that's both practical and pleasant to the eye. But why restrict it to dishes and plates when it could be holding dolls and playthings? Instead, convert it to a dresser and toy chest by adding open shelves, transparent fronts and pullout baskets. In doing so, you can make it seem more like a bedroom cabinet design while preserving just enough of its original structure to have guests doing a double take. It's one idea worth toying with.

Closeting the Clothes

You may never have considered using a kitchen cabinet design to store your clothes. But if you were younger and shorter, you might have a different view on the subject. The typical cabinet design found in the kitchen is the ideal width and height for housing a child's garments. And if you also tailor the knobs and pulls to more of a bedroom theme, you'll complete the transition from kitchen cabinet to clothes closet and achieve the perfect fit for your young one's wardrobe.

Changing with the Times

It might be true that no one person is an island, but it does not mean you can not be changed on one. A rectangular kitchen island cabinet design can be easily converted to a portable baby changing dresser as it already includes the key elements. While the top surface is perfectly proportioned for a changing table, the drawers and shelves underneath let you access diapers, wipes and powders in a manner befitting the task: Quickly.

Sitting Down on the Job

Can not stand the lack of seating in your child's room? A long, low kitchen cabinet design like you see above some refrigerators may be the answer. With it you can create a cozy window seat where your child can rest after a long day with his toys, or where you can rest after picking them up. Using this type of cabinet design, you can store those same toys, along with blankets and towels, in the area below the bench. And if anyone tries to talk you out of this idea, do not stand for it.

Tucking in and Spacing out

When you first viewed your new home, that sprawling bedroom appeared to have an ample area for your son or daughter. But now that they're sharing the space with a multitude of toys, games, books and stuffed animals (among other things), it's looking a bit cramped. By having a bed custom made to fit against the wall under a row of windows and surrounding it with a home-center cabinet design, you can use the cabinets as built-in dressers and free up floor space. Let the games begin!

Although it's a concept that takes some getting used to, applying kitchen cabinet design to the kids' room can open up a whole new world and erase the memories of tired old decors long past their prime. As for the image of Santa in a tutu, that one will haunt you forever.

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