Modern Trends In New Kitchens For 2014

Modern Trends In New Kitchens For 2014

Kitchens have been around for many years and they will probably continue on for many more years to come. However, the types of kitchens we have now are radically different from what exists five, ten or twenty years back.

Since you're likely to spend approximately $ 18,271 (based on a 2012/13 survey by the Housing Industry Association (HIA)), you should be aware of all the modern trends in new kitchens for 2014. Here are some of the modern trends you can expect:

New Functionality

Modern designers are really pushing the limits in conceptualizing new and interesting functionalities for every fixture in your cooking area. Many of the modern improvements are designed to increase efficiency, ease of use and comfort.

One interesting example is the hydraulic, easy-close door applied to storage units. You can easily close the door just by a simple touch of a button – no hassles, especially when your hands are already full with all the items you've just taken off the shelf. On the other hand, such a door will still close smoothly and quietly, even if you slam it hard.

Making maximum use of cabinets has always been a continuous struggle until the introduction of pull-out units. This new modification enables you to store and retrieve items without having to bend over and contour your body in unimaginable positions just to get at the items in the farthest corners. On the contrast, you can easily pull-out an entire drawer and every single item will be readily visible – all you have to do is pick out whatever you need.

A New Look

More and more people are taking a bold step to revamp the overall look within their cooking areas. This is especially so for a kitchen adjoining the dining area, since it will not only serve as the cooking area, but also act as an interesting backdrop to mesmerize all your guests.

One color that has long been applied in countless homes is white, but that may soon change. An alternative to this is gray, which when professionally applied, can portray an aura of prestige. Moreover, lighter shades of gray convey a softer feel to the eyes, compared to scorching white overlays.

Designers are also experimenting on new, non-traditional areas that can produce interesting focal points. An example is a shift from the common bland hues of stainless steel sinks to richly-colored ceramic designs. Just imagine having a green apron-front sink providing an eye-catching focal point inside your cooking area.

Innovative Lighting

Having just a single source of lighting is no longer enough for any decent kitchen. Extra lighting is necessary, not just to highlight the beautiful aspects of any room, but to also serve the useful purpose of lighting specific areas. However, you should only use energy efficient installation, since a 2013 report by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency reveals that kitchens have the highest lighting energy consumption in Australian households.

Task lighting is one important aspect to consider, which will serve the best purpose in food preparation areas. Since families tend to gather around the island, it would also be wise to have good lighting above this area. This will be particularly useful to your kid's, while they do their homework.

Installation of accent lighting is the best way to showcase your beautiful collections behind those glass-front cabinets. You can also install sconces for the purpose of highlighting that interesting textured wall.

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