Stylish Corian and Granite Hard Surface Materials in Kitchen Extensions

Stylish Corian and Granite Hard Surface Materials in Kitchen Extensions

Instead of struggling with a small kitchen space, we can think about a trendy Kitchen extension to improve the home. Kitchen extensions design will pilot the kitchen extra space with built-in storage space. The worktops are available in different materials in a wide range. Each worktop has unique properties like heat and water resistance.

Corian Worksurface

Corian® is the original hard surface material made up of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate. The pieces are press together closely with adhesive. It can be molded and bent to form a flawless finish to create any design. The treated adhesive area is polished to generate a faultless joint. This is available in wide range of vibrant colors and supported by DuPont ™ warranty. Corian is a non-porous surface which avoids dirt and stains and it can be easily cleaned by normal cleaning liquid with Scotchbrite® pad. It is a non-toxic, chemically non reactive worktop. It is solid, non-porous and resistant to many chemical and physical exposures.

Corian® is extremely resistant to high temperatures. Either a burnt cigarette mark or hot pan heat are shallow and it can be wiped off easily. Even a heavy stain like stubborn cosmetics, nail varnish spills will be clear by spirit or non-acetone cleaner. Materials like alcohol, coffee, fruit juice, shoe polish and tea spillage can be removed by ordinary cleaning agents, abrasive powders with a pad. This kitchen extension material is durable and versatile in domestic and commercial purposes. Material joints are not easily visible and the liquids can not penetrate into the surface. Corian worktops can be used in any contemporary kitchens, food preparation areas, hotels, hospital operating rooms, intensive care facilities, and ferries. These kitchen counter tops are used extensively globally due to their pleasant look and long lasting life.

Granite worktops

Granite material stone is extracted from quarries globally. Then it has been polished and sent to different destinations in the world. This worktop has been cut and designed as per the client's requirement. The granite kitchen extension is bespoke and exclusive. This counterpart is scratch, chip, crack and stain resistant. We can wash the worktop with water and the diamond-polished look will remain the same for years. The food spill can be cleaned easily on a regular basis.

There are plenty of colors which will go well with any kitchen décor. The versatile material can be cut and design for sinks, basins, hobs & work surface in the kitchen. We can trust upon this tough material as diamonds are harder than granite. We need to take some footsteps to maintain the counter top forever in a pristine appearance.

No need to struggle a lot to clean up a granite counter top. But a bit of daily cleaning is necessary to maintain the shiny and sparkling outlook. Ensure to wipe off the food particles or spills immediately before it dries on the surface. Use a mild detergent soap water to wipe gently to retain the glow. Coffee and wine spills will dry up fast and create permanent stains on the worktop. It is better to blot off the spillage instead of rubbing or wiping it on the surface. Wash with mild detergent water and puff dry the area. Granite can tolerate the high temperatures. But it is idle to place a rack underneath the hot pan or hot pot to avoid heat marks on the surface. After a couple of year's usage, tiny crack or a chip can be easily covered by a re-sealer.

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