The Most Expensive Kitchens in the World

The Most Expensive Kitchens in the World

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and it's not hard to see why this is with these incredible designs. Whilst most of our pots and pans struggle for cupboard space, there's no risk of that happening in the world's most expensive kitchens listed below.

The Colosseo Oro

A couple years ago, Marazzi Design unveiled the most expensive kitchen in the world at a trade show at Earl's Court. Costing a staggering £ 300,000 it will set you back more than the average asking price for an entire house in the UK but it's well worth it.

Included in the hefty price tag, you get: reassurance that you are one of only 10 people in the entire world to have this limited edition kitchen, 24 carat gold leafing, metallic gloss Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances, crocodile embossed leather and Venetian ink -stained gold glass. If that was not enough to whet your appetite, the look is completed with Swarovski crystal lights and a dozen coats of clear lacquer that has been applied by hand and finished with glitter in order to create a unique design statement.

Fiore di Cristallo

Unfortunately for Marazzi Design, in November 2012 renovated designer, Claudio Celiberti launched the jaw-dropping Fiore di Cristallo kitchen. Coming in at just under one million pounds, the creation exclusively stole the crown as the world's most expensive kitchen.

Boasting a crystal worktop, solid copper walls, a Swarovski chandelier that costs £ 26,400 alone and an island worth an astounding £ 36,850 This kitchen certainly does not compromise when it comes to luxury. Boasting an impressive 27 cabinets, there is plenty of room for all the pots, pans, plates, mugs and kitchen utensils that could have no room for self storage facilities here.

Electrolux Grand Cuisine Professional Kitchen

The designer of the Electrolux Grand Cuisine Professional Kitchen, Henrik Otto openly says that the target market for this range is the super rich. Super rich is definitely what you would have to have to afford a kitchen like this because with facilities such as blast chiller, a sous vide and a hot oven, no stone has been left unturned with this range.

Included in the complete package, customers get only the most advanced and modern ovens which even include computerized cooking appliances. If fancy appliances are not quite enough for you then for an additional £ 60,000 you can also have top-class flooring, cabinets and cupboards to match your stunning new kitchen.

Do not quite have a few hundred hundred thousand pounds in the bank for a new kitchen? Fortunately, on the other end of the scale there is a shop in Blackpool called Cheapest Kitchens in the World. Here you will be able to get an entire kitchen fitted – including all the appliances – for around £ 2,000.

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